Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair

Drive Medical are leading manufacturers as well as distributors of medical equipments in healthcare. This company manufactures walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, power mobility and many more products.

It produces different type of wheelchairs namely transport chairs, standard wheelchairs, bariatric wheelchairs and reclining wheelchairs. Drive Medical Blue Streak is one among the standard wheelchairs that serves as a perfect solution for the inhabitants who have trouble with other ordinary wheelchairs. There are several features and advantages concerned with this product. The reasonable cost with high quality of Blue Streak made it to popular among people.

Features of Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair

• Frame coated with blue powder, cross brace is black in colour.
• Blue Streak is lightweight. It is easy to clean and it is attractive.
• Pushes to lock brakes are available. Durable nylon upholstery is provided.
• Composite wheel solid rubber tires gives durability and less maintenance.
• The footrests are of swing away type associated with footplates made of plastic.
• Calf strap is available.
• The warranty is limited to 3 years.
• Maneuverability is excellent and fits into narrow areas and also doorways.
• The locking brakes are good, easy rolling; rear tires have finishing of rough paint.
• The spokes of the wheels are also made up of plastic.
• The leg rests can be folded aside easily and also the armrests can be folded up out of the way so that one can slide onto their bed.
• Controls of this wheelchair are same as that of a tracked vehicle. Hence turning and movement through the individual wheels can be easily done.
• Desk length arm with flip back and padded facility.

Specifications of Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair

• The Seat-floor height of this wheelchair has its measurement as 19.5”.
• Its back height is 16” and its overall length is 18”.
• Its seat width is 18” and seat depth is 16”.
• Its overall width (closed) is 12.5” and overall width (open) measures 24”.
• Its weight capacity is 250 lbs.
• Its dimension is 36'' Height x 24'' Width x 42'' Depth
• Its product weight is 41 lbs.

Cost of Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair

The Drive Medical Blue Streak wheelchair has its price as $286 MSRP. The cost can vary according to the place of purchase and time of warranty. Moreover, many online websites are providing considerable discounts from the retail price mentioned above. Blue streak is one of the cheapest models of all Drive Medical Wheelchairs. Hence purchase it and have the benefit of comfort and safety.

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