About the Author - Alex

I had to find answers to questions like Should I be dependent on someone or something? and How to handle strangers and little known peoples’ curiosity when I am in public?

The answer came through my well motivated ,self believing family and friends around me. Some one said, Who is not dependent?. Everybody in this world is dependent on someone or something. A normally abled person too is dependent on other people, automobiles etc. Another said, If people look at you so what. Let them. Most of them are motivated by you... Answers like these made me happy, confident and brought the smile back to my face.

Another important source is the web, where I found a lot of information that helped me in believing "I too Can". I should not forget to mention Dr. Schuller here, whose books brought that self belief back into me.

The information I have given here are acquired through experience, literature and web. I have tried to put good, solid information into this site. Hope it is useful to the visitors and I am working hard to make the Wheelchair-Guide.com more informative and useful for all.

Thank you for visiting Wheelchair-guide. Feel free to send emails. I will be always happily available to answer your queries. Please do return as often as possible so that you don’t miss out on the constant updates of the site.