About Electric Wheelchair - How Does An Electric Wheelchair Work?

How does an Electric Wheelchairs work?
The name suggests how an electric wheelchairs works. It works with the electricity generated by a battery through motors, gears and belts.

Electric wheelchairs are a boon to wheelchairs users. They add power, speed and comfort to the experience. Huge varieties and brands to choose from for any individuals specific need. Plenty of colors and styles to choose.

Physical capabilities to be considered before going for electric wheelchairs:

• Deformities
• Visual abilities
• Mental state
• Sitting posture
• Sensory Level
• Wheelchairs transfer ability
• Duration of time spent in the electric wheelchair

Also consider

• The accessibility at home and work place
• Suits short distance travel.
• Carrying in an automobile is a little tedious. (Vans would suit better)
• Dismantling or folding is also not so easy.
• High maintenance cost
• Cost of an electric wheelchairs could also be a factor.

These are general suggestions. But if your individual necessity suits an electrical wheelchairs forget the above considerations and go for it.

Parts of basic electric wheelchairs

Frame : Electric wheelchairs are mostly not foldable which is constructed with a fixed frame. Still some companies offer foldable electric wheelchairs which use a cross brace frame. Invention of light weight materials has considerable reduced the weight of these electric wheelchairs. Still they are heavier than manual wheelchairs.

Brakes : The control unit through a joy stick or any other interface controls the braking system in an electric wheelchairs. Brakes engage automatically when the wheelchairs is stationary or switched off.

Tires and wheels

Electric wheelchairs use Pneumatic, semi pneumatic or solid tires are used. Like in normal manual wheelchair front two wheels could be small caster wheels and the rear wheels bigger wheels. Or all four wheels could be small caster wheels.

Control system

Controls the speed, braking, turning abilities of an electric wheelchairs. They use various interfaces like push buttons, joystick, voice, sip-puf, head-chin, trackball and tillers for controls. Other special interfaces are also available for individuals need with vendors who specialize in control systems only.


Rechargeable Lead acid, gel, or sealed wet batteries are used in electric wheelchairs. Mostly U1 group 24 batteries are used because they can go longer between recharges. Two 12V batteries are also common. Battery chargers come with the electric wheelchairs when you purchase one.

Electric wheelchairs with special features

Some electric wheelchairs come with special features like tilt, recline, elevating seats. Tilt almost takes the user to a standing position for relaxation or stair climbing purposes.

An electric wheelchairs could cost anywhere between $3500 to $12000


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