About Manual Wheelchair - Daily Use Manual Wheelchairs

Just as the name suggest these wheelchairs are manually operated. We can categorize this into nursing home manual wheelchairs and daily use or everyday manual wheelchairs.

Nursing home manual wheelchairs

These are mostly used in nursing homes, hospitals, departmental stores, airports etc. for temporary transportation of persons who need aid for mobility. These manual wheelchairs require another person to push the chair from the back using the handles provided. These do not suit anyone who requires independent mobility without the aid of another person.

Basically, a nursing home manual wheelchairs can be described as a chair fitted with four small wheels. These manual wheelchairs are simple and inexpensive.

Price range of a Nursing home manual wheelchairs:

Daily use / Everyday manual wheelchairs

Persons with good upper limb strength can use these manual wheelchairs. As the name suggests this is for everyday use. When manual wheelchairs technology was in Stone Age they were heavy, fixed came in very few colors. Today they are light, foldable, colorful, easily maneuverable can be transported in a van, truck, car, train or a plane by the individuals themselves.

Unlike nursing manual wheelchairs, these have 2 small caster wheels in the front and 2 big wheels at the rear. These big wheels fitted with ring type handles are used for maneuvering by the user. A basic everyday manual wheelchairs also have cross brace frame (for folding), adjustable swing foot rest, fixed or removable arm rests, brakes and upholstery for back support and seat / cushion support.

When to go for manual wheelchairs

The user’s upper body strength is good. Propelling the manual wheelchairs also is a good exercise to the upper limbs. For long distance travel, manual wheelchairs suits better because of their light weight, easy fold ability and simple working.

Different parts of an Everyday manual wheelchairs

Cross Brace Frame
This is the skeleton of the manual wheelchairs that almost all the weight of the person using it. Earlier only heavy steel was used. Now, more light weight materials like light weight tubes, alloys, titanium are used which reduced the weight of the manual wheelchairs considerably without much compromise on its strength. The basic frame can be classified into two types in respect to its folding technology.

Fixed frame in manaul wheelchairs : In this the frame is rigid and the wheels can be detached for traveling or storing purposes.

Cross brace frame in manaul wheelchairs : The frame is made of two cross bars which can be folded with wheel fixed on the manual wheelchairs.

Wheels in manaul wheelchairs

Caster Wheels in manaul wheelchairs : Caster Wheels are usually solid rubber or combination various materials like plastic etc. on a metal rim. Sizes vary from 6 to 8 inches - manual wheelchairs

Rear Wheels in manaul wheelchairs : Standard 24 inches rear wheels consists of metal rim / forks and tires. These tires solid rubber or combination of rubber, plastic etc or inflatable tube and tire set. Inflatable tires are almost outdated these days because the solid tires are as much shock resistant. manual wheelchairs

Brakes in manaul wheelchairs :
Brakes in manual wheelchairs are not used to stop wheelchairs while moving but stop them from moving accidentally while parked. They are also called Parking brakes. A good brake is a must in every manual wheelchairs to prevent accidents. There are numerous braking systems.

Foot rests in manaul wheelchairs
Foots rests are mostly adjustable and adjusted to suit the height of the user. The platform should not be rough and should be soft to prevent pressure sores.

Arm rests in manaul wheelchairs

Arm rests are optional. Mostly arm rests are detachable, which helps to use tables and desks comfortably. But if the user has a good upper body control arm rests can be removed. A wheelchair without arms rests are easily maneuverable

Upholstery in manaul wheelchairs : They come in different materials and color. Could be chosen according to the user’s taste. But durability in all weather condition should be considered first.