Why use wheelchair Scooters?

The next step in the advancement of mobility aids. The name “wheelchair scooters” is self descriptive of what they are. In other words they can be described as automobiles used by differently abled people.

Features of Scooter wheelchair :

Scooters are less expensive than electric wheelchairs. Lighter when compared to electric wheelchairs.

• Can be used in a variety of terrains.
• Suits both indoor and outdoor use.
• Easily maneuverable.
• Easily transportable.
• Handlebar controlled.
• Control system is not as sophisticated as in a electric wheelchair

Factors to be examined before choosing a scooter:

• Scooter users are mostly people with milder physical challenges.
• Good upper limb strength is necessary.
• Deformities
• Good Visual abilities
• Healthy Mental state
• Upright Sitting posture is necessary.

Since scooters users are mostly people who can walk but not for long, work place / home accessibility is not considered here. For the same reason, Sensory problems are also ignored.

There are n numbers of designs available in the market. Before choosing one, try the equipment in and out for your comfort and life style. Try as many brands and models as possible so that you won’t miss out on features and price. Do not compromise on vital needs. Some companies provide trial at your place. Utilize the offer and make sure the scooter is well suited one for you.

Check for the battery back-up between charges. See if it suits your travel distance. Find out if the spares are available easily. Check if the product comes with a warranty and a good after sales service & support

Additional accessories
Some scooters come with sidecars. Accessories like crutch, cane holders are also available. Speed control systems are also available. Other features like, front/rear lights, horns and other accessories may increase the cost of the scooter and decrease the battery life.