About Pediatric Wheelchairs

Happiest days are childhood days. Nothing should steal that from any child. Best mobility equipment possible should be provided to children who need mobility aid. At least 3 people should put their head together to choose a perfect equipment.

The child's physician, parents and the child.
The doctors should decide on the basic equipment a child needs taking into consideration the child's physical requirements. The parents should help the physician in informing him well on the child's daily activities, interests, travel requirements, home architecture, hobbies, sports interests etc. The child should be given freedom to choose the color, upholsteries, accessories etc.

Since children with disabilities need therapeutic attention, wheelchairs chosen should also address this concern

Children grow faster and it will not be financially viable to change wheelchairs frequently. Hence growth compatible wheelchairs are available in market, which can be adjusted according to the child's growing requirements. Basically paediatric wheelchairs are classified according to the age of the children.

Strollers : Strollers are just like prams. Seating system, frame and four small wheels make up strollers. Made for children who do not have enough upper arm strength to propel a normal wheelchair.

Small children wheelchairs :These are for the children in the next age group who can propel a wheelchair.

Growing Child's wheelchair: Completely adjustable to suit the growth requirements of a growing child.

Sports chairs : Specially made to suit the sports interest of the child. Usually light weight and easy maneuverable.

Standard Wheelchairs: For everyday use and has all the features of an adult everyday wheelchair but smaller in size.

Specialty chairs to suit child's individual needs, interests and activities are also available.