About wheelchair accessories and its types

Listed below are the different types of wheelchair accessories...

Bed rails : Assist to get up from bed with less effort

Buttoning aid : Aids in buttoning the dress

Door Knob handles : Aids in easy turning and pulling door handles.

Dressing aid : Can aid in pulling dress, socks, zipping

Seat lift : Aids in lifting the user for wheelchair transfers and getting up.
Long handle nail clipper : Used to clip nails in toes. Longs handle surely helps.

Seat Backpack : Strapped to the back of the wheelchair to hold the users belongings. This zippered bag straps to the back of the wheelchair or scooter and keeps the user's belongings secure.

Drink Holders : Can hold any size cup before the next sip.

Wheelchair Trays : A good table like accessory can be used as dining table, writing pad or for any activity. Can be folded when not in use.

Wheelchair Caddy : A nice pouch that can hold your water bottle to cameras or anything you wish.