Outdoor Mobility Scooters and Their Building Blocks

Mobility scooters are basic means for transport for people who find it hard to walk to places for daily living.

Hence they are projected into outdoor and indoor use. There are also some models that satisfy both the usage.It is generally seen that a customer opting for mobility scooters are optimal in use. The construction and the base unit are the deciding factor for the mobility scooters to be effective and comfortable.

The base unit of a mobility scooter is often referred to as a platform or a base plate. Basically, the base unit consists of a frame made from materials such as aluminum, steel or even other composite materials such as a mixture of fiberglass to fix the seat, feet, battery and the tiller, also called the steering column.

The drive train of the mobility scooter is also seen in the base unit. The characteristics of the base unit such as the turning radius, wheelbase size, ground clearance and other dimensions together constitute the quality and its suitableness to be either outdoor or indoor.

The safety feature such as the overall stability can be evaluated depending on the quality of the base. A scooter that is complete and tested should not tip off roads during a turn or while going up a curb. The above is overcome by using anti-tip wheels which are included as a part of the frame. Most of the scooters that are manufactured are rear wheel drives and have anti-tip wheels in the rear wheels to balance the scooter while going up on hills.

The drive train being the vital part of the base unit adjusts either to be a front or rear wheel drive. Smaller scooters are usually seen with a front wheel drive mechanism. These are seen in indoor and outdoor on flat and paved surfaces. Only the front wheels are driven as the motor is situated in the front wheel. It is seen that most scooters do not have a chain or belt mechanism as motor and wheel constellation is involved.

Instead, they are powered with small motors. The disadvantages that are projected in a front wheel drive are furnished. There is less handling in steep and incline roads, the front wheel manages the weight of the rider and makes handling poor.

In rear wheel drive, there is a rear axle present supported with a chain, a belt, a transaxle unit, or a combination of these components. As the mobility scooter is driven by rear wheels, the scooter gets pushed to move instead of being pulled as that in the front wheel drive. There is better traction as the weight of the rider, the motor, and the batteries are over the rear wheels.

The climbing potency of the rear wheel drive scooter can be increased by combining more powerful motors on the rear wheels. The advantages that are seen in rear wheel drive mobility scooter are greater maximum speed, a longer traveling range between battery charges, and a larger rider weight capacity. These mobility scooters are better in quality and suitable for indoor use as they have a wider wheel base and also greater overall length.

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