Want to Rent a Wheelchair Lift – Know These Facts

Jerry a second year undergraduate student always took up challenges as he loved sports and that too adventurous ones.

Once when he saw a sports program in the television where the person rode a motorbike up on a 65 degree slope he was thrilled. His friends coaxed him to do this daring act. Alas Jerry could not make and was to be hospitalized for about two weeks.

The ride was a disaster and Jerry had a broken right elbow, a displaced knee joint and an injury in the head. But he was lucky enough as the doctor said he will cure him of all the problems completely. But according to the doctor’s advice Jerry had to use a wheelchair temporarily. So he chose an electric wheelchair as he wanted to be independent.

The electric wheelchair also called the power chair has large wheels which are in the front instead of the rear. It has a battery with joystick. This joystick acts as a control which is fixed on the armrest of the wheelchair.

To book an electric wheelchair on rent given below are a few guidelines.

Select a shop which gives electric wheelchair on rent. To find out the shop surf the internet and this gives ample choices. A local index book with details can also serve the purpose.

The next step is to find out the right wheelchair which will suit the needs of the person using it.

On the selection of the appropriate wheelchair, the payment is paid with the help of a credit card. The payment is charged in full when the wheelchair is rented for a short period of time. But in the case of Jerry only the deposit is paid for the wheelchair and later for the duration used by the patient.

Take the wheelchair for a trial to see that there is no problem and it can be used smoothly. In case of any fault in the rented wheelchair it should be informed lest he charges for the damages later.

Finally when the usage is over the rented wheelchair is returned either at the shop or a place decided by storekeeper and the customer.

Use the rented wheelchair with utmost care just like the way one uses a rented car. Maintain it well so that it can serve the purpose of the next customer.

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