What Are Electric Mobility Scooters

Electric mobility scooters help the aged, disabled and also those who are immobile due to temporary illness, to travel and move from one place to another.

Every one of us wants to be mobile and perform our household and social activities. This independence improves a person’s quality of life and move around with friends and relatives. Majority of people, who don’t have the freedom to move around, generally fall under the category “permanent disability”.

Many individuals have disorders like arthritis, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis that disrupt even their regular walking. However, these people can take advantage of mobility aids and devices that help them lead a quality and independent life. One of such unaided mobility devices is electric mobility scooters and motorized wheelchairs.

A motorized wheelchair is a customizable mode of vehicle that generally has six wheels and is maneuvered with the help of a control mechanism that resembles the joystick. Motorized wheelchair is also commonly known as electric chair, power wheelchair or power chair. This special chair is fully geared with stupendous operating features that help a person move around in their own houses to accomplish their normal activities. However, these motorized wheelchairs are mainly used for in-door use only.

Then came the electric wheelchairs brought in more options and features making lives easy for those using a motorized wheelchair. With newer advancement in technology we get a newer, lighter, smaller, and smoother vehicle like motorized wheelchairs that can help the users to move around small places so as to complete their daily tasks. It is a known fact that every one of us prefer to be mobile instead of being bed-ridden or having a person to always assist even for a normal day-to-day activity.

But now with the invention of mobility scooters, people can travel inside as well as outside their houses performing their daily routine as smoothly as they have been doing when normal. This type mobility scooter has 3-4 wheels and has a steering with handlebars and hand operated control mechanisms that resemble a bicycle. Because if the smooth maneuvering it can be used in any type of surface. One can even opt for a portable electric mobility scooter which can be easily dismantled or folded to simply place it in the car trunk. Reliability, easy operation, safety, security and a neat presentation are some of the best features that makes it a hit amongst people.

Now-a-days you easily buy an electric mobility scooter with three or four wheels, a tiller with handlebars (the main steering column), the hand operated control mechanisms, a comfy seat, battery and a place to hold the rider’s feet. The best feature of an electric mobility scooter is the ease of movement when compared to the physically tiring walker or manual wheelchair. Besides all these an electric mobility scooter is easy to maintain and can be quickly recharged with the help of the standard electrical outlet and charger. However, the user of this type of mobility scooter should be healthy enough to walk a few steps and have a good stamina.

Remember, that physical disorder or disability should not discourage an individual from leading a normal life, restraining him/her to lead a healthy life. Electric mobility scooters not only give a person the sense of independence but also the freedom of mobility that aids a person to live an active social and personal life.

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