What Are Medical Mobility Scooters – An Interesting Insight

Mobility scooters are very much like the electric scooters or motor scooters when it comes to the functionality and design.

But the extra power wheelchair kind of attribute make mobility scooters a hit amongst those who need special assistance because of their temporary immobility. No one likes to neither stall their daily activities nor ask for help all the time to complete their regular tasks.

People who have crossed 60 and have a health condition like to own mobility scooter because of the pain they experience while walking. It is a wonderful traveling companion to these people making their travel comfortable and independent. People who use these mobility scooters can generally walk to some extent but often struggle walking on slopes or while walking for long distances.

The advent of mobility scooters happened in the year 1968 by Mr. Alan Thieme in Bridgeport of Michigan. Mr. Thieme invention had a noble motive of helping one of his family members who was suffering from multiple sclerosis and he thought a four wheeled mobility scooter can actually help the person get back a fraction of their independent mobility.

Now-a-days one can find mobility scooters with two rear wheels that support a seat above them, a flat surface to place the feet, which also holds the power source and then a steering column that has handlebars that helps the person maneuver smoothly and independently. While most of the manufacturers produce electric mobility scooters, there is also a special variety of mobility scooters that is powered by gasoline.

The most common electric mobility scooters operate with 1 or 2 batteries. It completely depends on the user’s needs ands preferences on the number of batteries. Like if a person travels daily on hilly roads he/she will need a more powerful scooter with 2 batteries. The batteries can be charged with a regular charger that has to be plugged into an electric circuit.

The tiller or the steering column is placed on the front center of the mobility scooter. This tiller can help the user to drive frontward, take a turn, go back and even control speeds with the help of finger controls, thumb paddle or a switch. The user can buy a scooter that either has a front wheel drive or has a rear wheel drive.

In a front wheel drive mobility scooters the user can weight up to 250 lbs and can travel indoors because of its sleek design. On the other hand, rear wheel drive mobility a scooter is very flexible and can be used indoors as well as outdoors and can take in weight up to 350 lbs. If the user weights more than 350 lbs, he/she can go for heavy duty rear wheel drive mobility scooters that are slightly different from the regular rear wheel mobility scooters.

Since scooters come with automatic braking, you will not have coasting as a feature. One must use the finger, thumb or switch controls to maneuver around with the vehicle. By pressing and then releasing the controls the user can increase and decrease the speed of the vehicle. However, the scooter also has a feature where the user can fix the maximum speed level.

Traveling in a mobility scooter is a wonderful experience, especially for those who have a good stamina in their upper body. The best advantage of a mobility scooter is that it can be dismantled and can be placed inside the car while traveling with family and friends. People who have temporary disability but can walk can make the maximum use of this wonderful invention called the mobility scooter. The users of this special vehicle appreciate the independence and mobility they get with it.

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