Choosing the Right Wheelchair – Seek Therapist or a Physiotherapist Help

It is very common to get a medicine or an instruction for a particular ailment from a doctor but it is difficult when it comes to choosing a crutches or wheelchairs.

This is because people are not much familiar with it and there are many models and designs available in the market. So, one has to get a wheelchair that suits their needs the best.

It is very essential that you make the right choice because it is wheelchair that it going to make your disabled life easier. So your decision should be entirely on your comfort and ease helping to meet your day to day activities independently.

Most doctors do not specialize in wheelchair and are unable to guide their patients when it comes to choosing a wheelchair. They may just prescribe the term wheelchair and nothing more. So it is the prudent and convenience of the patient to choose the right wheelchair. An occupational therapist or a physiotherapist can be of help when it comes to selecting your wheelchair as they have knowledge of your day to day activities and which type can suit you the best.

The doctor may help you with a re-written prescription which helps for insurance needs. Some times the expense may be big when you need a wheelchair permanently and the insurers may claim the prescription from the doctor. This prescription has to be written by a doctor after the assessment from a therapist.

The therapists feel this necessary though the insurers do not ask for it always. Always try your wheelchair before you buy it just like you take the car for a test drive. This can help you to choose the right one with skill and also give you ease and comfort. A professional help is always good so that you buy the best one to suit your needs. So go for the prescription from the therapist even if it does need serve your insurance purpose.

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