Electric Mobility Scooters – A Viable Option for Disability

The aged, handicap and the ailing persons seek the help of wheelchairs or the mobility scooters. Even the day to day activities are difficult for them to perform.

Most of the handicap persons have permanent impairments due to which their mobility is restricted. The mobility equipments provide assistance to these disabled in their day to day activities. The most widely used mobility aid is the electric mobility scooters and the power wheelchairs.

A power wheelchair with six wheels is a mobility aid operated with the help of a joystick which controls the device. The power wheel chair called as motorized wheelchair, electric chair, and also the power chair is a mobility aid which helps the disabled to move in and around the house with ease and comfort. Basically the motorized wheelchairs are used only indoors.

This electric wheelchair makes a spectacular change in the lives of the disabled. The advent of technology has made this electric wheelchair to be more light weighted and small in size for easy usage. This has helped the disabled people to comply with their day to day activities with ease and moving around without the help of others.

The electric mobility scooters on the other hand have three or four wheels according to the model and moves like a bicycle. It has handle bars and is controlled by hands. This is used both for indoor and outdoor activities. They steer easily in all surfaces and are portable. Their appearance is also trendy and gives ease and convenience to the person using it.

The modern electric mobility scooter has three or four wheels, tiller with handle bars, manual control system, platform to support the seats, rider’s feet and also the battery. They are not tiring like the manual wheelchairs or the walkers. Although the user of electric mobility scooter needs to have upper body strength it is not tough like the manual wheelchair. These electric mobility scooters are easily recharged with the regular electrical outlet and charger, and do not need much maintenance.

Disability should not be the reason for anyone to go around with daily chores and also meeting friends and relatives. This electric mobility scooter helps to lead an active life with pleasure, freedom and convenience.

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