Wheelchair Van and its Requisites – Some Facts

Install the wheelchair lift to any vehicle but the wheelchair van is something exclusive for the disabled.

A personalized wheelchair van used by the disabled person can either be a driver or a passenger. A lift or a wheelchair ramp when fixed to the vehicle allows the person disabled to alight and exit the vehicle easily. When the disabled person drives the vehicle further adjustments are done for the convenience of the driver.

Evaluation for a Wheelchair Van

The disabled person to drive a wheelchair van needs driver’s license got after evaluation. This evaluation needs certain tests and certain requisites to be a wheelchair van driver. After the assessment the person is recommended the best van along with the details of the person who already own one who can advice the person accordingly. They can get the required information from the person who vends these wheelchair vans.

The assessment for the disabled consists of the following tests. The person should qualify in the hearing and vision test. The mental insight, presence of mind to make instant decisions, reasoning skills, how he operates the chair in and out of the van and also how he/she alights and exits out of the van are also part of the assessment done.

Wheelchair lifts help the disabled person to use a wheelchair van. These lift also facilitate to shift the wheelchair into the van.

Financial Aid

Although these wheelchair van are very expensive many companies offer financial assistance for people who cannot afford to buy them. Wheelchairs manufacturing companies available in the internet gives detail information about the financial aid given by them. An insurance company can help in rewriting your policy to cover your lowest cost. You can avail the help of the non profitable organizations who fund for the payment of wheelchair vans.

If you are short of funds you can go for a used mini van already modified according to the requirement of the user. But it is always better to buy one with warranty which can look after repairs and maintenance in the long run.

Finally take a look at the surroundings at which the user needs to use the wheelchair. Widen the doorway if necessary. Remove the furniture that may hamper the mobility of the person. See to it that the armrests, footrests and the other accessories fit well with the wheelchair giving the user comfort and ease. For more information and details, surf online or check with a local store who sells wheelchairs.

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