Choosing the Right Wheelchair for Your Child – Why it’s Critical

In olden days disabled children had a big wheelchair and they had to adjust to it till they grew.

It was never convenient for the children and they had problem as they had to use it while going to school. If the wheelchair does not give ease and comfort the children may even get frustrated with their studies and would even wish to discontinue it.

But times have changed and the manufacturers of wheelchairs have improved the color, size and other features that the children may enjoy. It is very important to take certain aspects into consideration before choosing a wheelchair for children.

Consider the age of the child along with the type of disability the child has before choosing the wheelchair for the child. An occupational therapist can guide the parents about the right wheelchair the child need to have. They can also decide on the type of wheelchair, whether it should be manual, powered or any other wheelchair according to the disability of the child.

It is also advisable to allow the children to partake in deciding the wheelchair along with the parents. As it is the child who has to use the wheelchair, they can choose one according to their comfort and ease. So never rush when it comes to buying a wheelchair for your child.

Take your own time to learn about the varieties available in the market, their utilities, their types, their cost and other details before settling for one. Don’t be hasty to be disappointed later as it is the convenience and the comfort of the child that is important that any other thing before settling for the wheelchair.

Finally, give preference to the choice of the child as he/she is going to be the user. The child should never feel awkward or embarrassed using the wheelchair as it will hamper the mental development of the child. So decide on one taking the choice of the child into consideration which can boost his/her personality.

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