A Basic Guide to Wheelchairs Shopping

When it comes to selecting a wheelchair it is a difficult task and not easy like deciding a dress when you go for a date.

People are confused and do not what to do when they go for shopping for a wheelchair as they see a variety of wheelchair available. Every wheelchair is unique and suits only its user. If you choose a wrong wheelchair the condition of the disability becomes from bad to worse instead of an improved one. So, it is better to consult a doctor or an occupational therapist who can guide you in selecting the right wheelchair to suit your needs.

Before you select the wheelchair of your choice take into consideration the age, body structure, type of impairment and also the gender of the person. Select the wheelchair on the speed you need so go for an electric wheelchair if you need good speed rather than a manual one.

The price of the wheelchair includes the type you select, the add-ons apart from the cost of the wheelchair itself. You may have further incurred more cost depending on the training you need to use the wheelchair, the repairs and the maintenance costs.

It is better to choose a wheelchair that you feel comfortable and easy as you may have to spend a lot of time in it and which is going to help in your mobility.

Some may have the idea of buying a second hand wheelchair. As said earlier each wheelchair is unique and it suits the needs of a particular user. Each wheelchair is modified according to the needs of the user so cannot suit another disabled person. It is always best to take the advice of the doctor and the guidance of the therapist before you select one. This will help you in choosing the right wheelchair which suits your comfort and style.

Still if you wish to go for a used wheelchair or scooter due to the limited funds, make sure the size, weight, and the other needs are as desired by you. Second hand wheelchairs do not have warranties and warranty becomes void while shifting the possession. So, one should be very prudent when buying a second hand wheelchair.

Finally take the help of the local rehabilitation/disability centre, the websites, and the news report on the notice boards of the therapy centers. Never take a hasty decision when it comes to buying wheelchairs and never go by the color of the wheelchair instead choose one that suits your needs.

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