Maintenance of Wheelchair Battery – Always Very Important

Apart from manually operated wheelchairs there are also battery operated wheelchairs. This battery differs from wheelchair to wheelchair and the battery will depend on the way you use your wheelchair.

A long ride means you need a battery that lasts longer. A wrong choice of battery will hamper your free mobility. Take into account the cost, maintenance, safety, the transporting capacity apart from knowing the ideal usage of the chair. Invention of power wheelchairs helped to cope up with the heavy weight and size of the batteries. A good battery which weigh less and occupies less space can last longer if shaped efficiently. Thus the invention will design a consistent power wheelchair with high power and low maintenance.

Take into account whether you get the power wheelchair with the batteries or without it. You may have to incur a separate cost for the batteries. Some use car batteries to make their purchase cheaper. But these car batteries do not hold good as they do not have the capability. Moreover these batteries are not leak proof so it is better to avoid them. So go for a good battery for your power wheelchair which can take care of your long ride without hindrance.

Charge all wheelchair batteries only for 24 hours and when overcharged it spoils the battery totally. There are two types of wheelchair battery charger available- one the automatic and the other manual. Take care when charging the battery manually. Damage of battery occurs when left carelessly in a manual charger.

The automatic chargers keep a check automatically when kept for charge. There is an auto shut down once the battery is fully charged. Maintain the plug and cord in good condition to charge the battery properly and also see if the battery is getting charged when on.

Finally the life of the battery of the power wheelchair runs according to its usage. So keep a check regularly and maintain or recharge it when necessary and when you find it has failed after the long travel go for a new battery for free mobility.

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