What are Wheel Chair Lifts

Every business concern has to provide approach to all their employees even if they are physically impaired.

So it has become am important that they take the necessary steps to help the disabled to move freely and in case they fail to do so they may even be punished under law. This also important because of the growing number of physically disabled recruited day by day.

This benefit has to be provided to all the disabled so that they can move about freely and enjoy the all the facilities like the other employees which in turn will enhance their efficiency, despite the fact that such arrangements may prove to be expensive for the employer.

One of the most common steps to help the disabled is to provide them with the wheelchair lifts. These wheelchair lifts are available in the market in many varieties. The best buy should be the one that suits the disabled person in the office which gives utmost convenience in handling it also the easy access to the different places in the office premises.

The modern wheelchair lifts designed are not only consistent but also very user friendly for the physically disabled. The basic model of this wheelchair has a smooth working and can raise the wheelchair to 36 inches on the tap of a push button. Along with all the safe characteristics it helps the disabled to use the lift and also the other areas without the ramps.

There is a lever designed at the back when one uses this wheelchair lift so that they do not roll off backwards leading to injury. In case of any object in the way hampering its move this lever automatically stops which in turn does not harm the persons nearby. The power of this lift is 750 pounds so it can manage well in normal situations. The 2 horse power electric motor with batteries helps the person to use it when there is no power supply. Thus it is planned well to the benefit of the user with full dependability and security.

Such arrangements were not used previously but with increased demand universally it has become legally compulsory for every organization to provide the necessary for the disabled for their free access in the office. Apart from the legal aspect, the ethical value also insists the employer to look into the convenience of the disabled employee while planning his business policy. So it is important to provide assistance like wheelchair lifts for the disabled in the office universally.

Although arrangements are made at the time of construction like smooth pathways and ramps both in the interior and exterior some changes have to be made to suit the needs of the physically impaired employee. This wheelchair lift provides such affordable changes in the office which can make the employee comfortable at workplace which in turn enhances his/her efficiency.

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