Advantages of Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lifts

A wheelchair is a must for the aged or the handicap person who needs it either due to accident or due to illness.

Most of the modern buildings install ramps or elevators for the easy mobility of the handicap persons abiding the Disability act. The latest one is the vertical platform lifts which assists the people in the wheelchair in the public places.

This vertical lift is available in different types. A vertical platform lift is installed in houses and also in public places for the convenience of the disabled to climb stairs and higher altitude.

Platform lifts are motored that fits the wheelchair well which helps it from shaking when the wheelchair goes up or down in the enclosed platform.

The United States of America control the use of this vertical platform lifts by setting certain standards.

The Atlas Vertical Platform Lift launched by AmeriGlide is a very good example of vertical platform lift. This strong lift runs with the help of electricity is dependable and is very safe for its users. This type of lift is installed for both public and personal used and also for both external and internal activities.

This Ameriglide Atlas lift is easy to install and offer everything necessary for the easy approach at home and in offices. Moreover the model of the Atlas lift is such that it abides by the legal necessities and so is very safe.

It has dual ramps on its platform which are automatic and also a safety sensor. In case of emergency one can operate a brake manually to lower or raise the lift.

Thus a vertical platform lift provides assistance in mobility to the person in the wheelchair. So when you plan to install one either in your home or office, make sure you abide the lawful requisites for its safe operation.

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