Understanding the Advantages of Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

When you ask a normal person how fast can you walk, run or climb stairs, it may sound like a tricky interrogation.

But the same when asked to a disabled person may feel awkward to answer as these simple questions are very difficult for them to perform.

Bothe ageing people and the disabled who use wheelchairs cannot move freely like normal people. Their mobility is lesser than what they had before they were restricted to wheelchairs. Such people can take the advantage of the exclusive transportation equipments like the ramps, elevators and the vertical wheelchair lifts.

This vertical lift or the platform lift is motored by electrical or hydraulics energy. Raise or lower the disabled person to different floors along with the wheelchair with the help of this vertical wheelchair lift.

This vertical wheelchair lifts come in a variety of designs. They are:

Enclosed Model – This is a type of vertical lift with walls on the four sides and the person intact inside the lift along with his/her wheelchair as the lift moves. Such lifts protect the person in the wheelchair from the physical weather outside.

Shaftway Model- Here the wheelchair fit in the walls and moves like a normal elevator. It is used both at homes and also in public buildings.

Stage Model – This type of lift has only a raised area which helps to raise the wheelchair to shorter heights to a stage or to a vehicle.

Opal Model – This type of vertical lift has the same features as that of the enclosed model but this has an open ceiling.

So a vertical wheelchair lift is useful to different persons in different circumstances.

Vertical platform lifts gives free mobility to the disabled in and out of the house. This lift helps raises them from the ground in steps or high porches.

Vertical wheelchair lifts fixed in school and educational institutions provide the disabled students, staff, faculty and visitors easy access to enter a stage or high platforms.

Public buildings where there are elevators already present it is easy to have a vertical wheelchair lift for the convenience of the disabled. Buildings of yesteryears do not have much space and it is not easy to have ramps. In such cases vertical wheelchair lifts play a very significant role making room for convenience for the disabled.

Thus a vertical wheelchair lift is of great importance for the physically impaired. They can have more mobility and freedom with such equipment. Fixing a vertical wheelchair lift in public places or at home is always a boon in disguise for the disabled.

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