Buying Right Wheelchair or Scooter Lifts – Know These Facts

Providing wheelchair for their mobility for the disabled does not suffice as they need provision with a proper apparatus to transport their wheelchair.

The wheelchair/ scooter lift helps to carry their equipment which gives them more independence in their mobility. These lifts come handy for those who use wheelchair/scooter regularly from one place to another say from home to office and back.

As investing in a wheelchair/scooter lift is a long term deal, take into consideration the merits of choosing the right lift. Take into account all the factors before choosing the lift like cost, durability, size, weight and other details. Purchase good lifts approximately for three thousand dollars. The prices may vary according to the add-ons and other special features. Manual lifts are less- prices than the power driven ones. You will need a technician to install a power lift.

Consider the following factors to select the correct wheelchair/scooter lift to suit your convenience.

Take into account of the kind of model that has to be lifted. Some scooter/wheelchairs need docking appliance to lift the chair to the van safely.

The correct brand, model and the year of the vehicle is necessary when you buy an internal lift for your scooter/wheelchair.

Types of hitch for external lifts – Install a trailer hitch to the van according to its weight. The following are the trailer hitch available and its capacity.

• Class II trailer hitch- weight 350 pounds.
• Class III trailer hitch- weight 500 pounds.

It is important to choose the correct trailer hitch for your vehicle lift. The total weight of the wheelchair/scooter and the lift’s weight must be less than 10% of the weight capability of the trailer hitch.

Additional features to note on buying a scooter/wheelchair lift are:

• The size and the weight of the lift
• The fabric of the lift
• Whether it is manual or automatic
• The necessary warranty for the product

Once the research of the product made, evaluate the shopping benefits both online and from the local store. Compare the details got online that are the price, function, warranties available along with the details got form the local store. With all these details is easy to buy the right lift for your vehicle. The duration of your travel also plays a vital role in selecting the right wheelchair lift. Also decide on whether you need an internal lift or an external lift considering the characteristic of your wheelchair/scooter.

Finally it is in the hands of the disabled to choose whether to do online shopping or to go to a local store. Wherever you buy make the maximum of your mobility freedom with the help of your wheelchair/scooter lift.

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