Wide Range of Mobility Scooters Now Available in UK

With advanced techniques mobility scooters have replaced wheelchairs with great demand for those who are disabled or have problem while walking.

This popularity is because of its reasonable price quoted by the suppliers and the companies around the globe and also in UK. The increased demand is also because of the salient features of the mobility scooter in comparison to the power wheelchairs or walker.

Although this mobility scooter looks a bit bulky it caters to the need of the disabled who was left with no alternative other then the wheelchair. A mobility scooter looks better and is cheaper then a power wheelchair. Though the keys control the operation located on the steering wheel and support the person riding it needs good upper body strength and potency. Thus a person with limited disabilities can opt for a mobility scooter which can be a boon for their mobility with ease and comfort.

Shoprider, Pride and Electric Mobility are the three noted and popular manufacturers and dealers of mobility scooters in U.K. The stores have three and four wheeler models and different varieties like midrange, light weight and large ones to suit the needs of the customer. The midrange models can give up to 4mph and the large one up to 8mph speed in this mobility scooter.

These scooters are also available with a number of accessories like the crutch holder, baskets attached according to the customer’s choice, walking stick bags, and also canopies. The canopies protects from the external factors like the sun, wind and rain. Some opt for a ramp as an add-on which gives them smooth mobility in a raised area. Some ramps are user friendly folded like a briefcase along with clasp and handle.

Mobility scooters cost from 700 to 3000 pounds. The costlier variety opted provides two onboard batteries for the powerful motor which can carry heavy weight. They also give accessories like baskets, crutch or walking stick holders and cup holders.

UK has a family owned business by the London mobility that provides a wide range of mobility scooters. They supply these to disabled at a reasonable price to enable them mobility and freedom. They have an excellent pre and post sales service which is another added advantage for its customers. They also give a free delivery in an around UK mainland.

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