Handicap Scooters Vs Power Wheelchairs – Pros and Cons

Illness or old age makes a person disabled due to which they need help both indoors and outdoors. A walk to the grocery shop nearby makes them feel a difficult chore due to their disability.

An electric scooter or a handicap scooter comes to their rescue in such circumstances. But the problem here for them is which one to choose. Given below are a few tips which can help you to make the right choice.

1. Clinical Aid-An occupational therapist or a physiotherapist can be of great help when you talk to them about your problem. They can guide you to decide whether to opt for an electric wheelchair or to go for a handicap scooter.

2. The Control- Operation of handicap scooters is with the tiller like the bicycle. Whereas the electric wheelchairs are operated with a planned joystick. You have to decide whether you can control a joystick or a handlebar depending on your upper body strength.

3. Posture and Support- Power wheelchairs have power stand, power recline, power tilt, and power elevation which supports the spine which can be convenient according to the disability of the user.

4. Transportation- Whether the disabled chooses a handicap scooter or a power wheelchair depends on the amount he travels. The handicap scoters when separated into multiple parts are stored into a car or in a van while traveling. But a power wheelchair unless it is foldable
cannot be stored in a car or van while traveling. You may need a wheelchair lift or a wheelchair van while traveling.

5. Driving- A power wheelchair is more convenient when it comes to operating your vehicle with your mobility aid as it has four point tie down where as the handicap scooter does not have such convenience.

6. Cost factor-Handicap scooters are more affordable than power wheelchairs. The prices may vary depending on the accessories chosen by the customer.

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