Choosing the Right Sports Wheelchair – Some Basic Guidelines

There are a many factors that you have to look into before you buy a sports wheelchair.

Like all other wheelchairs, choose your sports wheelchair according to your size, convenience and comfort. Given below are a few guidelines for you to select the right sports wheelchair.First determine the size of the wheelchair you need to buy. You physical structure whether you are tall, short, or hefty is very important before you choose a sports wheelchair. You will need a heavy sports wheelchair if you are robust and a small and a light one if you are small and slender.

The next factor is your funds. Sports wheelchairs are pretty expensive and cost from $1,000 to $10,000 due to many reasons. So the type you select should totally be in accordance with your needs before you invest a lot of money for it.

The nature of your sport also determines the type of sports wheelchair you decide to buy. People racing prefer hand bike wheelchairs whereas people who play basketball will need a wheelchair that suits the needs of the game. So decide the sport before you choose a sports wheelchair.

The next step to buy a sports wheelchair is to visit the stores that supply them. It is always better to buy one after trying it like you try a car trial ride. There are variety of models available in the market but choose one that is easy and comfortable for you.

You can always select a sports wheelchair in an online store, which gives you plenty of options to choose from. Prices are also competitive when you buy them online at times you also get them at good discounts. Since you have already had a trial ride in your local stores you can select the type of chair right away without any doubt and fear at a cheap and discounted price.

While shopping online make sure that the shipping is free of cost. Incase you have to pay for the shipping you end up paying $100 extra which means adding to your cost making your sports wheelchair expensive.

The next option to buy a sports wheelchair cheap is to go for a second hand one. You can look into the Craigslist and other free ads for the necessary information. This is a good idea as you can buy a good one at a very low price. The local mobility disabled association can help you in this matter to choose a good but used sports wheelchair.

Once you have decided to buy a sports chair whether a new one a used one make a good market study. This gives you an idea about price of the new and the old ones. If you are going for a used one see to it that you do not pay too much.

Look into the condition of the wheelchair, its wear and tear, whether it suits your needs appropriately and then decide to pay for it. Never buy one in haste as you may end up choosing a sports wheelchair which does not suit you and also a drain your pocket.

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