Power Wheelchair Improves the Lifestyle of the Elderly and Disabled

The disabled and the aged use wheelchairs for their free mobility. Choice of wheelchair is according to the need of the handicap person as there are varieties available in the market.

Both manually and electrically operated wheelchairs are available. There is another type called the sensor devised wheelchair. Given below are some details which improve the mobility of the handicap people.

The invention of wheelchairs has helped the disabled to move freely both indoors and outdoors. Restricting within the four walls of the house gives only mental and physical strain. Fixing sensors in these wheelchairs help the user to steer the wheelchair safely in all directions.

The power wheelchair is of great help for people with serious impairment. Their mobility is easy without much stress and strain with the power wheelchair and not like the manual ones. The traditional wheelchairs are a big problem for people with restricted mental and physical ability.

The architecture of the old buildings at home does not suit this type of traditional wheelchair and the user finds it very difficult to steer his/her way. So, after much research the wheelchairs were provided with sensors which guide them to steer their way without getting hit with any object.

This sensor equipped wheelchair gives free mobility to the handicap person. Some types of wheelchair offer amenities like playback [moving on the prescribed or recorded direction] and back -tracing [facility to reverse the last application.

The disabled person using the wheelchair should be trained well about the operation. A trial ride and all details explained by the technician can make the person using it well versed in it. A booklet on the operation will be of great help to the user. The user needs to know the basics or else order a specially designed wheelchair for the handicap person.

Some wheelchair designs are fixed with ultrasonic or IR sensors. This sensory aids the person from hitting with any object assisting in free movement. Some sensors help to steer in the direction of the surroundings. Some other type of sensors helps the user to move the wheelchair along with the wall or through the door.

Never bargain on the fittings to the wheelchair as it only helps the user in using it with ease and comfort and have more mobility.

The power wheelchairs functions on the touch of a button. This operation should be taught to the user so that he can steer the chair on his own. He can operate it indoors and once he/she is proficient he can use it wherever he/she wants to.

A little bit of effort in understanding helps the disabled to operate the power wheelchair with skill which in turn can improve their life and make it easy and comfortable. Be it disabled or the aged they can move around freely and independently without the help of others in this sensor operated power wheelchairs which enhances their lifestyle.

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